Important things to consider while reading a Riverfront Residences floor plan:

When you are house hunting, you tend to visit the latest and upcoming properties every other day. Amid these visits, the developer’s sales teams pitch you their project, in which they show you a floor plan of the building, which is a very crucial document. The floor plan can give you a momentary perspective of your plausible future home. So, it is very important to analyze and understand floor plans properly for Riverfront Residences.

In this way, it is vital to break down and comprehend floor plans legitimately. A floor plan is a graph, for the most part of the scale, demonstrating a view from above of the connections between rooms, spaces and different highlights at one level of the structure. A floor plan shows the place of rooms and kitchen regarding each other, the place of entryways and windows, the direction of the house, the measurements of each room, storage rooms provided by the developer.

Here are some of the important things to check while analyzing a floor plan.

  • Make sure you check the measurement of each room which will give you the idea of the size of the room and how much of your furniture can fit into it. Always check which way the door will be swinging and the space that will be left empty after the door is opened or closed. Check if the windows embedded in the condo are as per your necessities. Sliding windows are demonstrated by thin empty line by the dividers, while casement windows, as a rule, come in sets.
  • Do check whether room size matches your required area so that you do not have to face difficulty when fitting the furniture in the room. Make sure the total numbers of rooms mentioned in the floor plan are according to your family needs. Check the dimensions allotted to the kitchen. Make sure that every room has a separate entryway so that there is no hindrance to privacy.
  • Check the measurements of the corridors as most people consider long passageways are generally viewed as a waste of space. Always check for natural lighting. This is a very important step for the ventilation and the aura of your home. Ensure you get enough morning and evening day light and the accessibility of sun shades. Ensure that there is appropriate cross ventilation in the house Condominiums usually do have room for the family maids. Make sure that there is one if you require it.
  • Ensure that the cupboards are built-in in the condominium so that you do not have to spend extra money on installing new ones. Check which walls are structural and nonstructural for safe removal in the future. Structural walls are represented in the floor plan by thick bold lines while non-structural walls are indicated by thin lines. Check if storage room and pantry space fulfill your requirements. Also note that whether the washrooms are connected or common, according to your requirements.

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